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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Yet more....

My work on the secret project is continuing, and so too will my look back series (just so I have something to post about!!)

Over the years I have made many of these Santas.  This one was a special request to be made in purple and white and this is what I came up with.

If you look closely you can see that his outfit is crazy quilted! 

This is another of the dolls I made in 2008.

And how about this babe?

One of my friends made the mistake of moaning about the mess her house was in, so I showed up for coffee wearing this.  I'm not sure what her neighbours may have thought, but we had a good laugh anyway.  Hmmm.....come to think of it.....she hasn't complained about her house being messy since.  Wonder why?

Today the quote is from that infamous anonymous source... "Hold a true friend with both your hands"     Obviously the friend I referenced above is a true friend because she's still speaking to me!


  1. It's always nice to look back to former projects and say I did that.

  2. okay that's hilarious Magpie.... I could have used a bit of that earlier this week. I finally decided to get busy and do some dusting and it is raining and I'm catching up on laundry .. tomorrow I'm baking cookies before it gets hot again... which is supposed to be ... Saturday at +27C ... today is lovely at only 15C.... I do love this temperature much better...I can think and do...+30C is too hot for me these days ...

  3. Love the cleaning o├╣tfit. You do nice work on your dolls and a purple Santa!

  4. Love this photo! Wicked you!!So this is what you look like.You look like a lovely "Fun" lady!!
    Love the past works you are showing.

  5. Cute dolls Mary Anne! What a good friend... ready to help out! :) x

  6. A crazy Santa! Great idea. Your house cleaning outfit is inspiring. No one would bother you ,dressed like that, they would know just what you were up to.

  7. How very fun that you showed up for coffee with your cleaning supplies! Santa and the doll are amazing. Looking back at the projects you have created must be so enlightening and heartwarming. You talents are many and you are blessed with Creative Bliss...

  8. Every time you ref a secret project, I read it as a sacred project. Hm what can this mean...meanwhile your look back continues to amaze!

  9. That's an interesting variation on Santa Claus! I love the doll; she's a lady with character: just like you, turning up as the cleaner: what a hoot!

  10. Love it MA!! What a great sense of humor. I give up on dust. I'm not sure if it blows in through the front patio doors or if the dogs bring it in and then shake it off. My work never ends!! lol.
    Have a great weekend.
    xx, Carol

  11. Lovely post, Mary Anne. I like your cleaning outfit! Barbara xx

  12. I just commented, but pressed the "back" button so I think I have inadvertently deleted that comment, so if you get two comments you will know why! I love your cleaning outfit! Super Santa and dolls, too! Barbara xx

  13. All visiting Cleaners should look like they are about to have loads of fun. Bet you both had a great time.
    I've never seen such a lovely Santa and never one in CQ

  14. love the feather duster!! we call those a ''tickling stick'' you did my housework I wouldn't care what you were wearing!

  15. Hahaa what fun fun fun.
    You know MA the yellow thingy you have in your overall pocket is one of my favorite dusting tools (and let me just say I am not that girl that gets all that excited about house cleaning LOL) slips underneath things like the stove and fridge beautifully.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  16. Anonymous1:54 AM

    Just found your blog, thinking about starting one...your work is amazing, and its cool to see what your up to!



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