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Sunday, August 09, 2015

A weekend post....

I know I don't normally post on the weekends, but wanted to quickly let you know that Kathy Shaw has opened registration for her Beginner's Crazy Quilt online class once again, but it will only be open until midnight on the 10th.  Go HERE for further info!

While I'm at it, I'll show you a couple pieces of my work from 2009...

For some reason I ended up covering a large coffee can with recycled denim and 'artsy' touches.

Pretty sure I missed the mark on it, but it still serves as a recycled paper receptacle in my studio, so there must be something about it I like.

 I also made a ring bearers pillow using what else but crazy quilting.  The center fabric was from a piece of the gown the bride wore.

Today's quote is from anonymous..... "Habit saves you the trouble of making a lot of dull decisions"


  1. I like the can, I met you through Kathy when you started the e-magazine. Hope it
    is growing well. Your work is beautiful as is Kathy's. I signed for the class, thank you.

  2. How fun to see your previous projects. I like them all. Serene Sunday...

  3. Did anyone notice the diamond-shaped hole in the bride's gown? ;)

  4. Hello Mary Anne! I think your recycled coffee tins are fun and I love that beautiful pillow! :) x

  5. I really like fabric covered cans so am totally in favour of yours lol
    I made a lot to sell on a stall afew years back using felted up woollies with flowers decorating the outsides.
    I made them so you could take the covers off and wash them when they got dusty too, worked a treat.

  6. Happy Monday! Thanks for the tips, Mary Ann.

  7. love that you still use this fabulous container...


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