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Monday, August 24, 2015

Sites and Series--zzzzzzz

Now (yawn) I will return to the ongoing series...

This is the back of a crazy quilted purse I created (for myself actually) in 2013

This is the front of another CQ purse, also made in 2013 as a gift for a friend.

Also in 2013, I took some thrifted metal napkin rings, 

a thrifted wooden bowl,

and came up with this pincushion.

It rapidly became my every-day, stuffed full of needles,
and well used pincushion.

If you want to make one yourself, just look for 7 napkin rings, each about 1 - 1 1/2" high; and a wooden salad bowl (test fit the rings to see that they will fit).  Make a 'pouf' out of fabric stuffed with a little bit of fibrefill that will fit on the top of each of the ring.  Glue the rings into the bottom of the bowl and then use a hot glue gun to glue the poufs into the rings.  I added an artificial green leaf, just for fun.    

Today your quote is from Alex Haley.... "Find the good - and praise it" 


  1. What a great upcycle of napkin rings and wooden bowl. I can see it would make a wonderful pin cushion with its weight to stay put. Lovely CQ purses you have created.

  2. Love, love that bag! That pincushion is pretty nifty too!!I love pincushions!~All types, styles,sizes!!

  3. Hello Mary Anne! Love your crazy quilted bags and that pincushion is fabulous.... I can understand why it is a favourite! Christine x

  4. I missed the original post of that pincussion..Very cleaver. When I embroider, I like to keep each size needle in a different wedge of a tomato pincussion. This one would be perfect for me!!
    xx, Carol

  5. Love your CQ purses and handy pincushion! Thanks for the tip on hedgehog free shipping.

  6. Love you pincushion. What a novel idea in re-purposing napkin rings and a bowl. As always, the bags are stunning.

  7. Good old Hedgehog! I love their name, aside from anything else. Thanks for reminding me about them.

  8. Nice projects, thanks for the info.
    Good words to live by.

  9. are sending us to a cleaning blog?????? Have you been to my place when I wasn't


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