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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Moving right along

And I can hear the collective 'would she just get ON with it already!!'  from my faithful readership.  So sorry, but I have absolutely nothing new that I am allowed to show you at the moment, so the looking back series will just have to continue for a little bit longer.  I do promise that I will be doing something I can show before long if you can just hang in there with me a little while!

This post bounces around a bit chronologically, but I thought you might like to see a few of the different things I created.  

 From 2012....
This was another of my recycled denim projects and was created for a throw on the back of our couch.  I really loved making this, so much so that when DH suggested that maybe it would be nice to have two smaller ones for the backs of our respective recliner chairs I was happy to oblige.
***UPDATED TO ADD - the pattern is free from HERE and an updated version is HERE.  

From 2011 - another of my recycled denim bags.

 In 2010 I took a wonderful online class (my first) from Carole Brungar where we created a fabric journal.  I, of course, being an over-achiever made one twice as thick as the original.  At that time we were planning to sell our house and move to the apartment and I wanted to have a memory book of our garden.  Each of the pages featured a photo of one of our flowers.  That was also the year that our garden was featured on the local garden tour so there was lots to celebrate.

The photo below shows a closeup of one of the pages.  If you embiggen it, hopefully you can see some of the details and can also see the table that my DH created using an old sewing machine base with a cement top.  We scrounged an old wooden rocking chair to complete the scene (wouldn't dare have sat in that chair though, because I suspect it would have fallen apart!).   We set it up at the back of the garden during the tour and many people commented on how pretty it was.

Today the quote is from Max Lucado.... "Next time a sunrise steals your breath or a meadow of flowers leave you speechless, remain that way.  Say nothing, and listen as heaven whispers, "Do you like it?  I did it just for you"


  1. I LOVE the patchwork throw - totally, absolutely. WOW. Want.
    Also, today's quote brought unexpected tears to my eyes. I have no idea why. I hope I am not coming down with something.
    If I am, though, you know what would make me feel better?
    A denim throw.
    Just sayin'

  2. I just love your recycled denim quilt! A friend of mine made one a while back and making one has been on my Mental To Do List ever since. Beautiful. Your bag and the fabric journal are both fabulous. Your garden sounds delightful! I do so love sunflowers.

  3. I like your upcycled table! And, as a maker of artist's books, I love the fabric book.

  4. What a fabulous journal your created Mary Anne! So pretty and full of such wonderful memories from your garden... beautiful! I love your denim projects too... I have never tried upcycling denim fabrics... perhaps I better add that to my 'to do' list! Christine x

  5. Great denim bag and lacy journal. Being quiet and appreciative is a good thing, I agree.

  6. I love that denim quilt! Are the dark lines pieced in or is it Bias Binding on the top?

  7. I love that quilt and have been saving jeans ever since I saw it. I hope Lucy is still offering the pattern. It looks like she is no longer blogging. Thanks for the link.
    Xx, Carol

  8. I love that quilt and have been saving jeans ever since I saw it. I hope Lucy is still offering the pattern. It looks like she is no longer blogging. Thanks for the link.
    Xx, Carol

  9. I think it's a great idea to take a look back on previous finishes MA!
    I always love your denim projects - the throw is lovely.
    My fave of course is the gorgeous journal you made in Carol's class- which we did together and also was when we first met!
    I love those big fat journals created with love and full of beautiful memories.
    I'm still working on one of my mother and her family - not a lot of time when I'm working,,,still it will be there for my grandchildren to look through... one day!

    I wonder what we will see when your secret is revealed and you let the cat out of the bag (??where did that saying come from....a bit weird now I see it in print ha ha!!
    Happy stitching

  10. Just a quite note to say that Lucy is still offering the pattern if you use the second link. I just received the updated pattern from her.

  11. Bravo, those are so great looking and recycled. I'm all over that! But my favorite is the quilt.

  12. Double wow for the denim quilt...that is my kind of design and colour. Love your garden journal. My fabric book of my stitching journey has turned into a big fat book too.

  13. Your denim throw looks fantastic!
    Now that is a very fat book you created in Carole's class. Are you going to show us any more pages! It will have lots of lovely Garden memories in there that you will treasure!!!

  14. who knew recycled denim could be used to create such a stunning's wonderful...


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