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Friday, May 04, 2007

Fabric Interventions

Sorry folks, no pictures again today. I spent the day helping a friend (who shall remain nameless to protect the not-so-innocent) drastically downsize her collection of fabric 'bits'. It's amazing just how much stuff we manage to accumulate in the name of 'might use it - someday' and that someday just never comes. Done that, been there and have downsized my stash mightily already and now it's more than ready to be done again.

The question arises - why exactly do we keep such things as fabrics that we know we hate and know we will never use? I know my excuse was always that I didn't want to waste it - but isn't it a waste to keep it knowing full well that it's just taking up space? It's like keeping a huge number of recipe books on a shelf when you never use them, or maybe they just have one or two things you like inside. Same with craft books. Hmmmm......better go take a look at the recipe book shelf......

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  1. I still have chunks of fabric from when my son was a baby! I did get rid of a lot in my last 2 major moves, but there's still lotsa yardage in them thar hills....
    I decided to keep small pieces of old favourites--tradition! History! Legacy! :}


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