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Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh oh - MESS!!!

More on the ongoing
quest to
the stash...

Some of you might know that I'm an organization book junkie - I read every one I can get my hands on (plus visit a number of blogs on organization too).  Now before you go and get all envious about how organized I must be because of all this reading, you have to understand that I haven't implemented much of what I've learned!

I did read a good hint awhile ago about putting your rubber stamps (unmounted) into a binder and decided that would be a good way to both keep track of them and also reduce the area they take up for storage.  At the CQTeers meeting on Wednesday I happened to mention this and Sue said she keeps hers in those plastic sheets the kids use for trading cards (or that we use for atc's).  She also suggested that using photo sleeves would be good for the larger stamps.  Brilliant!!

See?  It works!!

I happily stamped each one onto pieces of paper so I could find them easily and was thrilled with my prowess.     


I tried to wash the stamp ink off my hands and realized that I'd grabbed the PERMANENT stamp pad and now my fingers are black and it WON'T come off, despite my best efforts (using all sorts of probably-hazardous-to-my-health potions).



  1. Try using rubbing alcohol. It is alcohol based ink; it should cut it. I use it to clean cemented on acrylic slop that I cannot scrub off. And my hands too.
    Yes, I actually DREAM of being organized, but that seems to be as far as I get.....*sigh*.....
    I admire you. :-)


  2. Thats good about the organization. But not so good about the ink on the fingers...i might have had that problem before :)

  3. Are you sure you weren't fingerprinted by the police???

  4. so now you are a work of art in yourself...k.

  5. doesn't always pay to be organised. That's my excuse anyway!!

  6. Anonymous10:22 AM

    have you tried nail poish remover?? but I'm definately with Doreen G on thinking you've had arun in with the law lol....:} good luck with the organizing but I warn you if you go too far everythngs becomes too tidy to mess up and can cause a bit of a bit of chaos never hurt no-one lol love Samm x

  7. Great idea MA! It will be part of my Links on tomorrow's post. Thanks for sharing. Connie

  8. Hahahaha! Shoulda posted a pic of your blackened hands.

  9. Haha...nice job on the organization. Have a great week. Susan

  10. What a clever idea....hope you get the ink off soon. xoxoxo happy new week to you.

  11. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Hey MA..glad it worked for you. I love to see people get organized! I am such a freak! As was suggested before was probably a run-in with the 'boys in blue'. But maybe not, since Irene and I weren't called to post bail. Sorry about the ink..remember not to touch your nose or any of the other 2000 body parts! LOL
    Mrs Noofy


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