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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One more block for Australia

One more block ready to send
to Australia for flood relief.

Further details are on the post below this one.
Please consider making a few and sending

Unfortunately my stash of both lightweight quilt 'bat' and suitable cotton fabrics is very lacking, but  I think four blocks are certainly better than none.  They'll be heading for Australia tomorrow.


  1. great Mary Anne...I'll link when I next blog..forgot today (hangs head in shame)

  2. Looks like you're out from under all that paper. I have been thinking of making these for a couple of days now but I have something I have to finish first.

  3. 4 blocks is an excellent effort, well done and thankyou for the publicity. Jan is so busy making the blocks up into quilts that she doesn't always have the time to comment so i'm doing it for her.
    cheers, kaite

  4. This project is a wonderful thing. It is terrible what is happening in Australia. I have personnally experienced 5 floods and I can relate.

  5. Thank you for posting about the appeal. I hope to make some blocks at the weekend.

  6. it's such a tragedy....

  7. it's such a tragedy....


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