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Monday, January 24, 2011

on awards and passing it on

Over the weekend my friend Anne Marie (Artful Dreamer
presented me with an award!!

This award is bestowed on blogs that could use a boost in followers (ie. should have less than 300...300??  Who would ever DREAM I'd have 69 people reading my drivel, much less three HUNDRED!!).  Anyway, the deal is that I, in turn, should nominate 3-5 others that I feel are deserving of more recognition.

let me see...

1.  One of my favourites is Suziqusthreadworks blog - she does the most **amazing** fiber work and you need to run right over there and have a look, being prepared to be blown away at her talent for colour.  Please hop on over HERE to see!!

2.  For all around generosity of spirit and kindness personified, I would have to say Freda Butler has my vote.  Her blog is a mixture of wonderful flea market finds (she is SO lucky with the hunt!) and crazy quilting.  Go visit her HERE!

3.  Anne of El Milagro has to be one of  the funnest people on the internet.  Her sense of humour is extraordinary, plus which she does some pretty fine art too.  She has also managed to gather some pretty great commentary on her blog and, I have to admit, they have me laughing - a lot.  Her work is totally different than anything else I've seen and I'm so glad I've 'met' her.  Go HERE to see what I mean!

4 &5. Connie Eyberg is definitely multi-talented and has two blogs I really enjoy.  She's a crazy quilter and also has a most interesting blog on organization and studio storage.  Go HERE for her art and HERE for her organization blog.

Thank you Anne Marie
for thinking of me!

Finally, I leave you with another quote for today - 
You can't waste time trying to get approval from the people who you assume hold your fate in their hands.
       - Anna Deavere Smith.


  1. Holy Cow!!!
    I'm delighted and say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
    Now I have to be entertaining...hmmmm....and just when I was considering being a sour old lemon for a while.
    Well, I'll have to keep up my IMAGE for a bit longer! LOL!
    Will get this posted soon~~I've got to keep my posts in order on this blankety-blank-blank art project or I won't know what I wrote! (no, I don't go back and read them unless I'm forced to!)


  2. Hey I like the new background! I am posting your heart tonight!

  3. Congratulations! Happy Tuesday to you my friend. xoxoxo

  4. congratulations on your award!! well deserved...

  5. Mary Anne thank you for your so very kind words. I must admit I do love that flea market hunt but it can become an obsession.

    You put me in such wonderful company. I went to the other gal's blogs and was amazed. Such talent out there if we only knew where to look. These are keepers and are already on my blog list.

    You are a good friend.




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