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Monday, January 17, 2011

Mumblings today

Sorry folks, no pictures for you today.  I spent most of the afternoon making something to go along with the latest in the art dolls for the collaboration but it's not quite finished and I don't want to show you until it is.


I shall mumble!!

- First of all - I must complain about the cold.  I don't like winter.  I don't like cold and it's darned cold out there.  Hibernation in my studio is all I want to do (and partake of a continuous stream of coffee and tea to warm me up).

- For those of you who are wondering (and you are?  Right?) I did finish the great paper shuffle of 2011...two very large bags of shredded paper, 3 bins of recycled paper, and a grand total of three empty file drawers!  

- I'm sure, too, that you will be SO interested to know that I actually cleaned out another big plastic tote today and got rid of 3/4's of it. 

 Obviously, I can't find anything
worth mumbling about,
how about some more sites to visit?

Another of my favourite blogs is NeedlenThread which is written by the very capable Mary Corbet.  She never fails to discuss things that I find of interest and she also has tons of information about stitching (including some great videos and free patterns).  Go HERE to check it out.

Nellie Durand is another person I love to visit - her work is varied and definitely her blog is fun to explore.  She has done some large fibre installations that truly are amazing.  Have a look HERE.

Jo of 'No Matter Where I Go I always Meet Myself There' is another incredibly talented needle artist, with an interest in crazy quilting and right now she's exploring zentangles.  HERE she is.

Lynda Monk doesn't post regularly but when she does, it's worth checking out!  Have a look at her work on Purple Missus HERE.  Be sure to look back through her archives!!

This one quite often has something of interest and regularly has giveaways.  Check out Recycled Crafts at Craft Gossip HERE.

And finally I leave you with this quote:  "To dream of the person you would like to be is a waste of the person that you are" (Unknown author).

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  1. Ma, I'm with you on the cold! I think you've inspired me to make a cup of hot coffee, because even with sweaters on it's cold in my studio! Thanks for the links, I'll check them out!


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