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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Serenity - Art Doll for Coolaberation 2010

When Serenity ( a most gorgeous seahorse centaur) arrived she knew precisely what I needed to create for her (and never let it be said that I don't listen to dolls!).  She wanted a stand so she could be upright and able to see the world.  A search commenced for a large seashell with which to create something suitable.  It took weeks of intense searching, but one finally surfaced and she was happy.

There was another stumbling block though - how to attach her to the seashell so she would be removable.  After a couple of false starts (and a remake) Jack and I figured it out.  She now has an (ouch!!) metal rod up her backside and a thinner one mounted into the seashell which end up fitting together.

Now she's happy!!

Next she wanted a beautiful necklace to adorn her long lovely neck and you can see it in the photo above.  Then she told me she was COLD (here in Canada it's winter and I should have realized). 

She wanted a crocheted
which she does admit is
difficult to wear when you
have no arms!

There's even some 'seaweed' in her hair and on her shawl!

Then came the journal...
Pgs. 1 & 2

two of the inserts in the fold on page 1

pg. 3
pg. 4

I think if you embiggen the pictures you should be able to read the text I used.  The symbols on the tags are different fonts for the Japanese word 'Serenity'.  "Ataraxis' means the absence of stress or anxiety, peace of mind, peace, heartsease, quietude, tranquility - some of which are listed on the back of the tags.

She was fun to work on and I hope Amy likes her.  Now she's heading off on her further adventures - this time to Calgary!!


  1. Perfect additions, MA!! Your journal pages are beautiful. I love the pockets and tags and everything. As a collaborator, you're the bomb!

  2. Great job; I don't know how you do these. I have a hard enough time keeping little things on the table that need painting....maybe I need a rod up my....oh never mind!
    She's LOVELY!!! ;-D


  3. Wonderful work. Love the journal pages and I missed the necklace before. Nice touch. The stand is very clever and perfect as it can't really be seen from the front.

  4. well she is beautiful but I don't envy her....not now I know what's shoved up her nether regions!!


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