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Friday, January 14, 2011

More heart progress

I accomplished quite a bit on my heart today but tomorrow I plan to tear part of it out because I'm not happy with it.  See that section just above the spider web?  The silk ribbon I used is just too dark for the rest of the piece and needs to be lightened up.  So....I shall frog it and replace it with something I like better.

Before Christmas I began a series of posts highlighting some of the blogs I read regularly.  Here are some more for your viewing enjoyment...

- this one is mainly geared towards Canadians interested in help with their finances, but there are some great pointers here for pretty much anyone.  Gail has a tv show called 'Til Debt Do Us Part' too.  Go HERE

- this one quite often is my daily dose of laughter.  She tells about her family and all their antics - good and bad and always with humour.  Definitely a fun read HERE. at FiddleDeeDee.

- Sharon B is someone I've talked about here quite often.  She is one of the most generous people on the internet and if you are at all interested in stitching, she has one of the most comprehensive stitch dictionaries out there.  Some of you may remember my having taken part in her  TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesdays) challenge and also her colour challenge two or three years ago.  Visit her HERE.

- Christine is interested in sewing and collection period costumes and also does some pretty incredible stitching.  She blogs HERE at Lady Jane's Journal.

- Maggie Grey has a blog HERE and discusses a lot of mixed media and various forms of art.  She is the author of several books including 'From Image to Stitch'.

Have fun exploring and perhaps you'll find some blogs you'll want to have on your list of must reads!


  1. I don't think its too dark - perhaps it is the way colour is displayed on my screen but it looks fine to me. Hate to see good stitching pulled out because of an overly active internal critic so I felt i had to leave a comment.

  2. really do inspire me...I love your heart! Good for you my friend. Thank you for sharing you blog friends...I will have to make a visit. xoxox


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