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Monday, January 03, 2011

THE luckiest girl in the world right now??

IS ME!!!!!!!!!

Just look what was waiting for me
when we got home from getting
groceries today!!....

I know it's not a great picture, 
but it's very hard to get a decent shot of
such a gorgeous hand knitted

Here's a closeup...

here I am modeling my
beautiful new sweater!
I know, it's very hard to see it in all it's wondrous glory, but hopefully you can get a good idea.  Some of you might remember that over a year ago I won the yarn to make a sweater and it's been languishing in my to-do box ever since waiting for me to muster courage to even begin a project I knew would take at least a couple of years for me to knit.  Enter my friend Ginette, who is a knitter extraordinaire, who offered to knit it for me, and then did so in mind-numbingly record time!!  I simply can't believe how fast she knits and how she is undaunted by the difficulty of any pattern (AND changes it to fit better too!!).  She is utterly amazing!!  THANK YOU GINETTE - you are one in a million, my friend!  

The pattern is the 'Lacy Vee Cardigan #405', by Cabin Fever  and the yarn is 'Linarte' by Lana Grossa. 



  1. Its a beautiful sweater!
    Since she likes to knit, I'm sure it was a labor of LOVE! Bet you will think of her whenever you wear it.

    Happy New Year

  2. Now there's a keeper friend. Gorgeous sweater.

  3. OMG......bowing in awe in front of the computer, because I know how hard that is to knit and it is beautiful AND perfect.
    You have a wonderful friend.....


  4. You look very pretty in your new wonderful sweater. How sweet of your friend. Hugs, Kim

  5. You look lovely in your new knitted sweater. that color looks great on you.

  6. WoW MA that is beautiful.

  7. love that basket type pattern. I have just done a baby sweater in a basket weave, it had a set in shawl collar,set the collar in wrong, but! I had done such a stupendous job on the mattress stitch that I could barely make out my stitches. When I came to unpick I cut the shoulder seam.. disaster...flung it in the garbage. Next day I retrieved it, but still cannot face having to deal with it

  8. yes a lucky lady indeed!! Now where's that knitting I need doing?? friends address please???

  9. Geeezzzz...if I knew a beautiful sweater would be waiting for me after grocery shopping, I would pick up everyone's list in the neighborhood. What a great friend! happy New year to you. I have enjoyed keeping up with your blog. Susan

  10. Its lovely..and a good fit too. Lucky you!

  11. Beautiful sweater! How wonderful your friend did that :) When I still knitted I never did get brave enough to try a sweater Lol


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