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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Completed heart and another announcement!

Here is my completed
crazy quilt heart!

It will be heading out in the
mail for swap the first of the
Please click on the photo 
for more detail.
Most of you will likely have noticed the new button I have on the left side of my blog which is pointing you to a brand new group of crazy quilters.  'Simply CQ' is hosted by Debbie of the Mosaic Magpie blog (note - another Magpie!!).  The group is new, but they hope to have lots going on and would love to have you join in the fun.  Just click on the 'Simply CQ' button on the left to be taken to the blog!


Don't forget to give some consideration
to creating some quilt blocks for
donation to those affected by the
flooding in Australia.
Again, click on the button on the left
for more info!! 


  1. this is gorgeous Mary Anne...

  2. I have loved watching the heart progress--sorry for being MIA---had some things going on here and was barely able to keep up.
    Your work on these are beautiful!!! Do you do them as wedding gifts?


  3. oh such a beautiful crazy heart, very romantic.
    and two buttons to press, both so different but both equally worth pressing.

  4. It turned out great.

  5. Very Pretty, hope you are having a nice weekend. Hugs, Kim

  6. Wow is so beautiful. I am so new to CQ...I had to look up what those initals meant. It is something I plan to learn this year and with all the eye candy around these blogs it should be easy to learn..ok I will stop telling stories now! lol. Hope you have a wonderful weekend...Beth

  7. Hi,
    I have come across your blog in the last few days !!! It is wonderful and I love your work. Crazy quilts are an amazement to me!
    I too am in Ontario !!!
    Very best wishes,

  8. I am loving this and can not wait to hold it in my hands!

  9. What a lovely heart MA it will make someone very happy.

  10. Gorgeous work as usual, MA! I love the lady you used as the center piece, just beautiful!

  11. Wow that was quick. Lucky swapee. The spider busily spinning her web - wonderful!

  12. i love all the little beaded flowers, and that pink spray on the top right ---SO pretty!

  13. are done and it is a stunner my it! happy new week to you

  14. What a beautiful heart. I'm coming over and you can show mw how to do that. Put the coffee on....Susan

  15. Oh, all I can say MA is Gorgeous!!!!

    Great, now I want to do one! I just finished up Block #5 of my Marie Antoinette crazy quilt, pulled out 2 more stitching projects to start on and now I want to make a heart. Geez! ;)

  16. Your heart turned out really nice. Very pretty and feminine if I may say so.

    someoneis going to be very happy to receive that from you.


    ps - the brown beads are off. I agreed with you and so did others.
    No further ahead though.

  17. Your crazy heart turned out gorgeous right down to the spider at the very tip...classic crazy and beautiful :)
    Take Care MA


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