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Thursday, January 13, 2011

CQ heart progress AND an announcement!

I'll do the announcement first because this is big news!  My friend Pam Kellogg has opened 'Handmade Shabby Chic Boutique'  where she is offering some wonderful work...I'm a huge admirer of what she does, along with her Mom and her sister.  All three have their treasures on offer at the site and it's well worth a look.  You can see it HERE.  Please go and have a peek (and if you're so inclined, a purchase would be ever so nice too!).
A reminder of the ongoing request for these easy
quilt blocks for disaster relief
in Australia.
Please consider making one or several!
(scroll down for further information)
Finally, here is the latest progress on my crazy quilt heart....


  1. Where do I know PK from?....she seems very familiar with the pretty things she offers

  2. the frosty window!
    The events in Queensland are so devastating.
    your heart piece is coming along beautifully. Yesterday, in a sudden rush of decluttering I came across some crazy patchwork made years ago. It is bright fuschia. Way too bright for me nowadays. I'm thinking of popping it in a pot of tea!

  3. oh good, your button works, and i've had so many blog views from your place. mostly people seem to be reading the QAYG tutorial which is excellent, a few more quilt blocks are probably being made somewhere while we speak.
    your crazy heart is taking shape nicely, cheerio, k.

  4. Thank you so much for mentioning my Shabby Chic Boutique Mary Anne! I'm getting ready to add some new things now.


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