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Monday, January 10, 2011

Quilt blocks for Australia

Many of you will have heard about the terrible floods that have hit Australia and of the many people who have lost everything.  Some kind individuals there have decided to create quilts to donate to these families so I've decided that I will further reduce my stash and try to make a few to send over.  The pattern is very simple (and great for using up 'stuff') and don't take long to make.

I've made three this afternoon...

These blocks finish at 10 1/2".  Further information (and the instructions, along with where to mail the blocks) can be found on Kaite's blog here.  Please think about joining in and helping if you can!


  1. This sounds wonderful MA. I will check it out for sure. Thanks for spreading the word.

  2. Great blocks it's nice to find a home for small bits and nice of everyone to contribute.

  3. they're lovely, and it's so kind of you to think of making them MA. They will be well received by Jan, let's keep her busy stitching those quilts together.
    Making strippy quilts for other countries has a long history in Canada where the Canadian Red Cross coordinated the making of many thousands of quilts during WWII for Britain.

  4. You have a generous heart.

  5. Is this 'strip' piecing? at any rate its the sort of look I like best, scrappy and a bit random.

  6. These are so pretty MA!!! And are you still playing with piles of paper?

  7. I went to her site for the pattern and it is very simple. My problem is I am not sure if I have enough cotton fabrics down here to make any. I will look tomorrow. I cut down on bringing fabric down here except for fancy cq stuff.

    I just finished the second scarf and started on the 3rd. for the Special Olympics so that is keeping me busy plus my wall hanging.

    I like the look of your new blog header, etc.




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