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Thursday, January 06, 2011

More evidence of progress

3 bundles,
each about 2" thick,
of assorted craft

These are destined for a massive yard sale in the spring.  I always find it amazing what people will buy and I'm pretty sure somebody will be more than willing to part with a couple of bucks for each bundle.  If they don't, THEN I'll put them in the recycle box!

Speaking of which, I've filled another recycle box with paper that's going out, out, out AND I have another big box of 'stuff' ready to go through the shredder before I send it out.  One more file drawer to go.....


  1. I want to be you!!! You are my hero for going through all that stuff and get RID of what you no longer need. How great you will feel when you are finished!

  2. You are getting organized. Hope your friday is fun.

  3. Wow! I'm impressed. You can come to my house when you are done!! LOL

  4. boy you are having a good clear out. I could do with one myself except I'm having a battle with a pencil right now...haven't given up yet!

  5. Wow, and what a yard sale this will be! I too am clearing out...but just my storage room to make into a bedroom for visitors arriving at the end of the month. Very cleansing.

  6. Sometimes if someone doesn't buy a pattern for the instructions, they buy it for the paper. You never know!


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