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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Rusty bits - as promised

Here they are, in all their rusty glory! I'm happy with the piece shown below, but the larger piece (shown above) is in need of another dose of rust.
The nicer piece was done around the steel wool-wrapped cardboard tube. The vinegar made the steel wool rust amazingly well (and fast). I need to wash the fabric yet to see how much of the colour fades, but hopefully not too much.

The larger piece was the one I wrapped around a rusty piece of metal pole and the colours came out much more faded and also in a striped pattern. This one is going back to the drawing board and will be rewrapped the other way on. Hmmm...maybe I'll end up with a plaid effect? Of course I ran out of vinegar and need to get more before I can proceed.

Tomorrow I hope to show you pictures of the shibori I did over the weekend. Stay tuned!


arlee said...

I'm starting to think one should just take notes from the beginning, because ya never remember QUITE how it was done otherwise.
The stripey bit is great--hmm, rust plaids might be quite interesting!

(Ironically, the word verification for this comment is "mental", can you believe it??:})

Gail V said...

Cool. I love the variations in the rust intensity.

btw, my word verification is "arcepopo". Sounds like a good name for one of my chickens...

Christine said...

Okay, I'm soaking a vintage cotton and lace petticoat and a 1940's bridal gown at the moment to REMOVE the rust, VBG. I tried rust dyeing and it wasn't very successful, too dry around here lately. Might try again though, I like how your efforts are working out.

yvonne said...

Love rusted fabric. I've used wire, metal stars and whatever I can find in DH garage and also his fathers workshop. I'm always rummaging. :) Isn't it fun!!