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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! On the weekend I used the pipe shibori technique, mid weight denim material, and bleach to create what you see below.
First I basted the fabric into a tube that would fit around a piece of plastic pipe I scrounged from the garage. The plastic pipe was placed inside the tube and then the fabric was scrunched down the pipe (you can see it in the top photo). I immersed it in water to be sure the fabric was wet and then drizzled bleach over it. After about five minutes (and much peering into the pail to see what was going on), I immersed it all in a vinegar/water solution and let that soak for a few minutes to stop the bleaching action. There was lots of water in the rain barrel, so it went through several rinsings. Then into the washing machine and through two cycles to be sure the bleach was removed.

These pieces will be used in my coat....I hope!!


  1. Northern lights!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

  2. great effect -- looks like a wonderful addition to the coat :-)

  3. That looks like fun. I have never tried it. Maybe I will this winter in FL. I have a bucket but no pipe. Maybe have to come visit or buy a pipe. Does the bleach not eat into the fabric?
    Curious minds want to know.



  4. OOOO, shibori denim, never thought of that and in a coat, wow. that will be great MA. I love ding shibori, it's one of my fave techniques.


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