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Thursday, September 10, 2009

New flower

We were trolling the local nurseries the other day looking for good deals on perennials (not that we NEED any more but it comes down to WANT!). We fell in love with this hibiscus and it was half price! It climbed right into our hands and wanted to come home with us. It had a couple of flowers already and several buds yet to open. Now we just have to hope it doesn't succumb to the winter cold....


  1. I love hibiscus. They grow really well down here in Texas. I've never seen one such a dark red. It's beautiful!

  2. Hi MA. I have one on my deck right now about the same color and my daughter has a great peach color one. We treat them as annuals here in Chicago. If you want to keep it you will have to bring it in a sunroom or porch. Unless this is a true perennial for zone 5 or so.



  3. At the first frost warning BRING IT IN.. it would be a crying shame to lose it before you've a chance to enjoy it's growth. Overnight temps are getting lower, blast it!

  4. it is surely a beautiful dark red one, but heed the warnings, we can't grow them down under here in Bathurst because of the frost and we don't even have snow. K.

  5. Even in BC Hibiscus are wintered over inside--pick a sunny window and treat with love :}Gorgeous red


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