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Monday, August 31, 2009


I would have a picture for you today, but of course my camera needed to be recharged. Methinks a new camera might be in my future before long. This one only seems to take about a half dozen pictures before needing to hit the charger. I guess maybe it's tired after being used pretty much every day.

Nothing creative done today either because I've been away most of the day. Over the weekend I did get my shibori pieces done for my coat (which is what I would have shown you) and also have a piece of rusted fabric to show. Tomorrow!!


  1. I've been waiting to see the rust dying results. That denim coat is gonna be grogeous with that great lining.


  2. MA try buying a new set of rechargeable batteries and that may help the longevity thing.
    I found that after a while the batteries just didn't hold the charge for very long.

  3. Dots work was amazing and those WERE tiny fingers for sure. Thanks for the links. Will wait patiently to see your photos.


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