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Monday, September 28, 2009

Studio Tour with Cloth Paper Scissors

Cloth Papers Scissors, special Studios edition is having a virtual Studio tour! More information to follow!!

Wow, this has been a real learning curve!

It's the first time I have attempted to cut and copy anything from anywhere and I figured it out..I think! Of course now I have no idea why everything has decided to underline itself, but that will be figured out later.

However, what I want to let you know about is this...Cloth,Paper,Scissors Studios magazine is having a virtual studio tour taking place on October 3. All sorts of studios will be linking to the website at the magazine and we can then all snoop through some fun places and see what others to store their crafting supplies.

You just have to post a picture of the magazine on your blog, link back, and agree to post pictures of your studio (good, bad or ugly) to your blog anytime before Oct. 2.

Further info is here.


  1. thanks Mary Anne! I just signed up for the fun too :-)

  2. ITs underlining everything because you posted a "link" in the beginning of your post, and the blog website that you are using is assuming that the rest of your post is a "link" as well. You need to enter down a few lines after you "link" something so that doesnt happen.

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