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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hunter/Gatherer and labels

I do hope this isn't the last rose of summer because we have lots of buds left!

I've been spending the afternoon doing a 'hunter/gatherer' stint. Hunting for something I can't find and gathering 'stuff' into piles so I might be able to find other things when I undertake to look for them. I absolutely KNOW I printed off directions to make roses using duct tape...bought the tape...can't find the darned directions. Argh! They're in here....somewhere......but where???

The 'label' part of this post is arising because of my post from yesterday. I am reminded as I go through all the old photos of how very important it is to label each and every one thoroughly as to who they are and date them if possible. Simply labeling a photo with an 'Uncle Bob' or 'Aunt Jane' does nothing to help historians and genealogists because, chances are, there are several Uncle Bobs and Aunt Janes in the family tree! Believe me, I know this, because there is a John, William and Robert in every one of four generations in my line. I have a number of photos labeled 'Uncle Bill', but that really doesn't tell me anything that will identify a picture definitively. When the name was written onto the photo of course everybody in the family knew who 'Uncle Bill' was, but future generations won't. So, here's my hint (rant?) of the day....label ALL your pictures with proper names (William John Smith....not Bill, or Uncle Bill) and date them. Your descendants will thank you!


  1. Ok... thanks..... I'll consider myself told!!!!

  2. Good hint. I also told my mother in law to label who's side of the family they are on, hers or my father in law's.

  3. Heck, i've done that myself "Who the hell is Alphonse? Do we have an Alphonse?"

  4. just luffely roses, but i can't imagine them in duct tape. I don't need to label my photos 'cause i'm the end of the line, such as it was. K.


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