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Monday, September 14, 2009


Today has been one of spinning my wheels and accomplishing nothing of interest to anybody (including me). So...for your viewing pleasure, two more garden pictures. Above is the neighbours sneaky morning glory that is blooming beautifully on OUR side of the fence, but on hers, not so much. Our side of the fence gets the morning sun which morning glories seem to like.

Below is the pink-tinged sedum we have in the front garden. It is just starting to turn colour and will get much redder than this in a couple of weeks. It's a plant I particularly like because it has rather interesting foliage AND turns the most lovely colour in the fall. It's also a simple plant to look after...stick it in the ground and watch it do it's thing! Perfect plant.


  1. Very lovely, especially the sedum!

  2. of course, morning glories love the morning sun, and doesn't it look glorious. K.


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