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Friday, September 11, 2009

Journal pages for Bravura

Here are the four journal pages I completed to go along with Bravura. Her 'story' is that she is a real heart breaker and leaves many men behind. I decided that the reason she did this was because "It all comes down to who does the dishes". Obviously she has yet to meet a man who does this dishes!

I used various techniques to do these pages. The 'dishes' page was simply a photocopy of the material I used for her cape, with the addition of some glitter in the sealant. The tears are flat-backed 'beads' meant for scrapbooking I think.

Page two (the pic of Bravura)...I laid down a piece of aluminum foil. Over that a single layer of paper napkin. Painted all over with black folk art paint. After it dried, I lightly brushed over it with Twinkling H2O's. Let dry and carefully peel away from foil. After I added the quote and the picture of Bravura, I sealed with a coat of water based varnish.

PAge three (bottom left) has watercolour paper, moistened on both sides. Drops and 'spluges' of H2O's with some salt sprinkled on top. There are five tags inside the pocket.

Page four (bottom right) began with a piece of watercolour paper, moistened well on both sides. I painted it with purple folk art paint and let it dry. Stencil it using gold paint and sequin waste. Circles were stamped using the bottom of a bottle dipped in paint. The 'trim' along the side is fine glass beads, to represent tears.


  1. Well done MA--this is one talent I didn't realise you possessed.

  2. These pages are true treasures, MA. Thank you so much! So many different techniques and materials. I didn't even realize the edging on the tears page was tiny beads until I saw the large images here. You're a keeper, MA!

  3. And you even have some stitching in there! I'm gonna try that tinfoil method you used on page 2. And using a photocopy of the cape fabric was a great idea, too. I'll definitely treasure your contributions to Bravura and her journal, MA.

  4. Great instructions.

  5. Harv better watch his water colour paper when I am on the prowl.
    You did a super job on these pages. Oh to live closer to you - what fun we could have. I just know it. Must be the good old Canadian blood raising its head.




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