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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Backhoe needed

Another garden picture, because obviously nothing creative is being done. The bee on the sunflower is accomplishing more than I seem to be!

However, in my defense, 'the book' is coming along. I'm approaching a third done (127 pages of my typed pages is pretty much equaling 5 of the original diary). I try to do two or three pages per day, but that doesn't always happen.

So...after I did my daily pages today...I parceled up Bravura (the latest Art Doll in the collaberation) ready to mail. Then I started to shovel out my studio so that I could change gears and work on another project for awhile. I signed up to swap a 4" Halloween doll so that might be my next project...or...gasp.....I might go back to work on my coat!! Decisions, decisions.


  1. its great to have so many creative options calling you! :-) And way to go sticking with the book -- the steady work will pay off :-))

  2. Clear the decks ...and off you go on another project...eeny meeny miny .... your choice!

  3. I much to do...we only have so many hours in a day! Love your sunflower with the bee!


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