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Friday, September 25, 2009

oh wow!

No eye candy from me today folks, however....SharonB has finished a most gorgeous crazy quilt that you have to see! Go here.


Arlee has written her first article on the MrXStitch site and it's an interview with Jude Hill, who is another of my favourite reads. The article Arlee wrote is here. Jude writes two blogs here and here. The work Jude does is totally different than what you normally see, all done by hand, and all with incredible meaning.

See? You don't need photos from me when you have so much to check out! Enjoy.


  1. The crazy quilt looks like the tumbling block pattern. Beautiful fabrics. I loved Arlees piece. I have followed Spirit Cloth for some time. Jude Hill is wonderful. Thanks for these links.

  2. Sharon's quilt is amazing--and I touched it (naughty me) :-}}

  3. Thanks for the links - Arlee's report did a good job. As you know I'm another fan of Jude Hill. Liked her answers. I like the "what if" route she follows.


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