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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Question answered

I was wondering what I would post about today and while reading the latest from one of my doll groups I came across a very interesting article about criticism and our insecurities about our art which I felt I should pass on to you. We all seem to have pretty thin skins when it comes to dealing with outspoken critics of our work,especially when the criticism isn't of the constructive sort. Check out today's post at Glo von Gesslein's blog here.

I know I've posted pictures of sunflowers before, but this one is rather odd...see the petals growing out of the middle of the flower?


  1. When someone cares enough to criticize you, it's a great sign that you're making a difference. An unfounded criticism is really the best kind of compliment.
    It's how you react to the critic that is important.
    As for the sunflower, it is very unique, I've never seen one like it before.

  2. neat how the dunflower sprouted itself :-)

    I've found the best tactic with a critic is simply to say something to the effect you're intitled to your opinion, but its not mine, but shile I respect your right to have a different opinion, I'd rather not continue to discuss the matter as clearly we do not agree. The feeling of being sideswiped and caught off guard means it can take me a while to recover, but the article you link to is right -- we're only responsible for our own response -- not their stuff -- and simply stating I'm not interested in continuing the conversation on that topic is generally enough to bring it to a close...

  3. There's a bit of crossover here, small world and all, the same comment and link came up on one of my beaded doll groups too, and it's one that i don't think you are on.

    I had to chuckle about the painful knees climbing down off the soapbox, same happens to me too. I'll try to do as i've been told!

    Mutant sunflower, same happens with broccoli too sometimes. K.


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