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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


30 Years with this man!!

Thirty years ago yesterday I married a wonderful man. 30 years in some ways feels like a very long time, and in other ways it seems like just yesterday. He's a good man and I consider myself a very lucky woman to have him in my life and to have him as the father of our sons. Here's hoping we're lucky enough to have thirty more years together.

These are some pictures from our road trip yesterday. It's hard to believe but the greenery in the front of the picture above is actually onions. A whole huge field of them! This is in the Holland Marsh, which is the area where a large percentage of our vegetables are grown and marketed from.

Below is a picture of one of the massive wind turbines we saw. They are absolutely spectacular to see up close. Hopefully they will continue to be erected to provide for our hydro electric needs in the future.
Finally, this picture is overlooking Georgian Bay and was taken in a little park we stopped at. There were a couple of sailboats out there, but too far away for a picture, so I settled for this pretty-sounding fountain instead.
We had a lovely day! Thank you to everyone who wished us a happy anniversary.
p.s. Jack has Mitzy (the cat) and Gypsy (the dog) on his lap in his photo. He can't form a lap without attracting animals.


  1. Sorry MA I missed the part that mentioned your wedding anniversary on the previous blog-I did see the part that said you were going on a trip I suppose that is called selective reading.
    Anyway I am glad you had a great day and I hope many more are around the corner for both of you.

  2. looks like you two had a great day trip -- spending time together is a wonderful way to celebrate your marriage :-)

  3. Sounds like an awful lot of driving. I do hope you two left early and came home late so you had loads of time to explore. Great photos.
    BTW, my husband's lap is quite often taken up with a kitty too but the dog is just too big.

  4. Sounds like a great day together. My DH has a beard too!!

  5. congrats Kids and many many more--hugs to you both :}

  6. Hugs to you both MA on your anniversery. May you have 30 more. The next 30 will be the best. I laughed at Holland Marsh - can't think how many times we would drive through there on our way to Alcona Beach on Lake Simcoe. Would stop on the way home to buy fresh vegs. fruits, etc. Looks like you had beautiful weather. Ours here has been too.



  7. he looks like the right kind of man to spend 30 years with. I have spent just a bit longer than that with similar sort of mand..that is ..a man who would sit with a dog and a cat on his knee.
    Happy Anniversary.


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