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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wedding prep

This is what I spent my afternoon working on. They're pouches made from handmade paper I put together using my sewing machine and then added the ribbons at the top. These will be filled with fresh rose petals and hung at the ends of the rows of chairs at the wedding. It's an outdoor wedding so let's hope the weather co-operates!! (oh...the wedding is the daughter of a friend of mine).
Speaking of roses...I wonder if this will be the last rose of summer in our garden. Hope not!


  1. My goodness you're keeping busy. This is a lovely idea...I wonder what made you think it may rain???

  2. What a lovely idea MA -the paper is gorgeous.

  3. OMG is that a HANSA rose????? They are the BEST rose IN THE WORLD :}

  4. How wonderful. I made bird seed packets for my daughters wedding, something similar to this. YOu are so busy MA!


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