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Friday, March 30, 2007

Work in Progress, atc's and inchies

Two pictures to share today. One is of the smoke technique I am doing for one of the swaps I'm in. It's a technique only swap, so it should be really fun to see what I receive back. All sorts of new things to learn!

The other picture is of the goodies I received at the CQTeers meeting on Wednesday. We did an inchie swap and also some atcs. The atc that's pretty much in the middle of the picture shows what Sue is doing to display the inchies she receives. I think this is a super idea. I saw another idea on one of the groups where somebody is decoupaging them to the top of a storage box, which would be a thought too. Otherwise they're so small they are bound to get lost!

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  1. Could you share the smoke technique? The results look awesome, and lord knows i'm good at burning things :}


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