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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Frustration and experimentation

I had great plans to be able to show you the felted clogs today, but.... the powers that be aren't with me today. Somehow I managed to put the second sole on inside out (don't ask, because I have no clue how I did it) and so have had to frog it and start over. It had to have been a pure accident that the first clog ended up right because I'm quite sure it wasn't my knitterly prowess that did it!
So. A slight change of plans and a rather crappy scan later, you can see my first efforts to use one of my scrunchie backgrounds for an atc. I don't know why the scanner doesn't seem to like taking pictures of anything with dimension or sparkly. Weird. I drybrushed gold and copper acrylic paint over the scrunched paper and then added a torn image of the girl. Then I thought I'd experiment with rubber stamping on sea glass, which unfortunately doesn't show well on the scan. To finish it off I added three heart-shaped brads. I'm pleased with it, but really wish the picture showed better for you.
Another technique I experimented with last night was talked about on one of my groups. It's another form of packing tape transfer. To begin, you ink a rubber stamp and then place clear packing tape sticky side down onto the ink. Press carefully and then lift the tape and place on a piece of cardstock. You can use wide masking tape too, which gives a very muted effect. All rather fun to play with. You can use this technique to create transperancies over top of other techniques too.

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