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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Book Review!

Today I'm doing another book review, simply because all I've been doing today is knit on another pair of socks in the exact colourway as the ones I just finished. Boring reading for you! So...I have a new book and decided to tell you a bit about it.

Some of my regular readers may know that I am a crazy quilt book junkie - well, actually, pretty much any craft book junkie. I have an entire bookshelf devoted to crazy quilting alone. Did I need another book on the subject? Of course 'need' doesn't enter into it - 'want' is the key word!

I am rather glad I got this book, mostly because of the general overview of using beads in embroidery. There are a number of interesting projects including a covered cannister, a really eye-catching woven ribbon sachet (which would be a great use for leftover 'bits' of ribbons in your stash), a cell phone pouch, and a great idea for a journal cover. One of the techniques is to use your rubber stamps to place and image on fabric and then bead it. The book touches on silk ribbon embroidery too.

If you're interested the specs are: "Beaded Crazy Quilting" by Cindy Gorder. Published by: Krause Publications, c2005, ISBN-13:978-0-87349-892-0

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