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Monday, March 05, 2007

Hugeness in knitting

Well, I've jumped on the bandwagon and have started knitting felted clogs. This is my first one and, as you can see from the 12" ruler, it is huge!! I am dying to felt it, but have to wait until I get the mate done because I think they might not come out the same if I don't do them together. It's the Fibre Trends Felted Clogs pattern, using Patons Classic Wool.

I am learning with this exercise that I should never say I'll never do something, because it's inevitable that within a matter of a couple of months I'll be doing the very thing I swore I wouldn't. Formerly I scoffed loudly at felting perfectly good wool yarn. Why would one want to 'waste' their time knitting something grossly oversize, only to shrink it - on purpose! Why would I ever waste wool that way? Yep...famous last words coming up to bite me in the butt (again).

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