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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

TAST - Week 10

This week Sharon has really challenged me! I have never used a 'Barred Chain' or 'Alternating Barred Chain' stitch. I had to look up on her stitch dictionary to find out even how to do it! I also looked through all my (extensive) library of books for instructions and found...nada!!

Once I found out how to execute the stitch I had to then come up with ideas for its use. My creative juices just didn't seem to want to come up with much. I'm pretty pleased with my tree though and will certainly use it on a CQ block very soon. I rather like the circle too, but can't take credit for the basic form since it was one Sharon used as an example for us. I tinkered with it though, and added a few extra details onto the ends of the 'bars'.

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  1. I like the design that looks like a weeping willow! That would be fun to do!


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