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Friday, May 12, 2023

Slowly, slowly

 I'm progressing on these but it's proving to be slow between the fact I'm doing four at once and being away from home a lot over the past few days.  

- Have a look at the portfolios of THIS incredible artist!

- There's an excellent article HERE that discusses slow stitching and how to do it.

- THESE are pretty and should be easy to make.

- Have a look at THIS!!!!

Your quote for today..."Six months from now you will either have six months of excuses or six months of progress.  The choice is yours"


  1. The slow stitching site is just lovely. You get quiet and calm just reading it. Thank you! Your sample works for the workshop are lovely. They'll make a marvelous single piece, if you back them together as a display later.

    1. I enjoyed the read through the slow stitching article as well so thought it would be a good one to share.
      It's certainly a thought about the display for the four seasons pieces.

  2. I really do love all the links that you give us. Thanks so much.

    God bless.

  3. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Sherry of createology: Hello Sweet Mary Anne: Your four samples are looking so amazing. Oh how I love the Pearl Ship sculptures. For todays quote, I hope to have six months of progress! Happy Mother’s Day Dear.

    1. Those pearl sculpures are definitely amazing. And I too am hoping for six months of progress.

  4. Hello Mary Anne: The farm scenes are lovely.
    It seems everyone is busy this time of year.
    I am in love with the pearl ship, thank-you for the links.


    1. The pearl ship is something I would love to see in person. I'm sure pictures don't do it justice.


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