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Friday, May 07, 2010

Recyled denim jacket - sleeves, and other stuff too

Here is one of the completed sleeves for the jacket.  I've again used a plain backing fabric.  The darker plain areas of the sleeve are made from one leg of a pair of jeans.  The seminole band varies with each jacket I make.  I don't think I've repeated the same pattern any more than once or twice.  This is a new-to-me seminole design.

Once I make sure that the 'legs' are big enough to cover the area I need, then I decide how wide the seminole band needs to be.  It varies according to the width of pant legs I am able to find.  I construct the band and pin it into place on my plain backing.  Then the leg pieces are attached on either side and the final step is to topstitch for a little extra pizzaz.    The next step now is to make sure the sleeves and two front pieces are exactly the same in size because I use the constructed jacket pieces as a pattern to cut the flannel lining pieces to size.  After that comes the stitching together of both the outside shell and the inner lining.  Then it will be time for a try-on to decide the completed sleeve length.
In further news, 'the book' is finally off to the printers (ie. #2 son and his GF).  I'm feeling rather lost because I've had so many months of my main focus being that book and suddenly it's done and all I have to do is wait for the finished product.  Feels odd!  Of course I could be really ambitious (and dedicated) and start on the second book, but I think I'm going to take the summer off.


  1. I can't believe how precise the seams are with the denim! I can't do that with quilt weight cotton!!! (pout, stomp...)
    It is coming great---can't wait to see it finished.
    Oh, I'm not here. I'm not supposed to be......I'm supposed to be finishing dinner and watching the radar...but I needed some entertainment! LOL!! :D


  2. hi MA, that sleeve looks wonderful, i can see your jackets walking down the catwalks very soon!!
    How good, the book is out of your hands, now you can relax a little and smell the roses. i'll go over and look at what Arlee is up to now...k.

  3. Love your Seminole piecing and am looking forward to seeing the other parts of the jacket also! So much fun to do the piecing differently!
    What type of purple flowers are at the top of your blog? They're lovely!


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