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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Into every life a little rain (of buttons) must fall

I think there's a little black cloud hovering over my head just lying in wait to send down a zap or two when I least expect it.  This afternoon I attempted to put a container back on my shelving unit and watched in disbelief as the container beside it slide very merrily off the back of the shelf and rained buttons down the back of the cabinet AND into the cat litter box right beside it.  YUCK!!

The cabinet had to be moved to retrieve the remainder of the buttons.  Well (and here's where the second zap came into play) said cabinet dissolved.  Yep, no other word for it - dissolved.  What seemed like an extremely sturdy shelving unit literally came apart.

Cabinet is on the side of the road free to a good home.  There is a studio re-arrange in process and I'm eyeing the cat littered buttons and thinking that I really don't want to pick through (yeeeewww) to save them.  Trouble is - they're my favourite buttons I use for crazy quilting.

As I said - into every life a little rain of buttons must fall.  Cat is confused - thinks he should cover all the buttons up.  Wonder what he's thinking?

P.S. Yes, you may laugh.


  1. ROFLMAO!!!!!
    Oh, I am sorry!
    LOL!!! LOL!!!
    It sounds like a typical day at my house!
    Get plastic gloves and retreive the buttons. Give them a wash in something gentle. Don't let a little *cat stuff* make you lose you buttons....or toss your cookies...
    You now have permission to post something TRULY RUDE at my blog and I'll publish it!


  2. nyuk nyuk better buttons than beads :) nyuk nyuk narf

  3. And then again,"buttons ' is our ATC theme at our next CQT Is the Universe trying to tell us something???

  4. Too bad they rained into the cat litter though!

  5. Can you tell me when to stop laughing please.

  6. MA, it's Murphy's Law you know. I thought I was the only one this kind of thing happened too, LOL. Perhaps the studio was overdue for some re-arranging and you just didn't know it. Thanks for making me smile today,

  7. Hee, hee, hee.......get out the surgical gloves & tweezers. Pull the buttons out one, by one. Put them in a mesh laundry bag and then throw them in the dishwasher (no other dishes, please) and run through a cycle. Voila! Sparkly clean buttons. Chuckle again......Go buy a new wall unit at Ikea.

  8. Sounds like one of those days MA! LOL It's not funny, but it is! That's because I can relate to your button incident! LOL

  9. Anonymous5:01 PM

    CQ'teers beware!!!! It's okay if MA doesn't do the ATC swap this I right girls? Then soapy water cures a lot of sins!!
    Mrs Noofy

  10. lock yourself into the laundry so that no one sees you, put on some nice music and quietly get about washing the cat litter...what a bummer...k.

  11. I hope all your favorite ones aren't in the cat litter. Maybe the cat could playfully sort them out and into a tub of soapy water. I guess no chance of that.

    Also so sorry to read of your other dog. I am sorry but I did not know you had two. As you say both are now at the big puppy farm in the sky.




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