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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Our grandkitties!

Here are our grandkitties (and #2 son too).  Shawn looks quite resigned in this photo to the fact that their Stewie (a Bengal) spends a lot of time in just this position.  He rides around on his shoulder   which could become a problem as he gets bigger - Bengals can become quite big..  He's a handful and, I think, is going to be a challenge to raise.  I'm just glad it's them and not me! 

#1 son and his fiance just adopted Ella who is a little over a year old.  We haven't met her yet and are looking forward to it.  She sounds like she's a real laid back sort of cat and settled in happily pretty much the minute they brought her home.


  1. so who needs a scarf when you've got a baby bengal, he's just so relaxed...k.

  2. I love the way his back legs are just dangling down.

  3. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Nice warm and cuddly. I have seen that expression before..Shaun sure looks like his mommy!!
    Mrs Noofy

  4. OOooooh... beautiful bengal grandkitty! That scarf posture is too funny. Could come in very handy during the winter :) Does he like to climb high up on things, too?


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