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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CQTeers meeting and more flowers

Today was our CQTeers meeting at Irene's.  Our theme for our atc exchange this month was 'buttons'.  In the top picture you can see what we traded.  The upper left is by Kym, using some polymer clay buttons we made a couple of months ago at one of our meetings.  Upper middle is by Irene - she did a handmade cloth button.  The lower middle is by Sue.  She is our paper wizard and does lovely things - this time combining buttons and paper.  Mine is on the lower left - I copied an old button card for the background and also copied an old pkg. of needles. Buttons are from my stash (no, they weren't pre-dipped in cat litter!). Sue did the Mother's Day atc too. 

The jar of liquid you see in the picture is homemade walnut ink which is what we played with.  Irene made her own simply by boiling ripe black walnuts and some water.  Never again will I spend money to buy walnut ink, because this stuff is great!  She very kindly shared some of her stash with us and I can't wait to do some further playing with it.

The flower is a tree peony which is currently in gorgeous full bloom in our garden.  Last year it only had one or two flowers so it was a surprise to see how well it's doing right now.  If you'd like to use any of the flower images you see on my blog in your art, feel free to nab the photos!


  1. i just love tree peonies, thanks for sharing it. we pronounce them "peenies", how do you?...k.

  2. Your peony is magnificent! The colour and sheer size of these peonies is simply amazing! My friend also has a lovely pink one, but by the time I visited, it was almost finished. Their beauty is so fleeting....sigh!

  3. My SIL in Mississauga has a tree peony also and it is beautiful. She is my master gardedner. Go to her when I need help.

    The color of yours is lovely.

    I envy you the friends to get together with. I bet you have a great time.

    There must be some around but I can't seem to find them.

    Hope Dad is doing okay. Give him a hug from me.




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