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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Denim jacket - finis

I can't exactly say the jacket is totally finished because I still have to finish the sleeve length, but that can't be done until the new owner comes for a fitting.  I hope she likes it!  Don't forget you can click on each of the photos to embiggen them if you'd like to see more detail.

Each seam in the final construction of this jacket is sewn twice, for strength and security.  I want my jackets to last!  I forgot to take a photo, but I also install another denim pocket on the lining in case someone wants to use it.  One of the little extras I like to do to set my jackets apart from the norm.

Comments are welcome!


  1. looks comfy, warm and stand out--perfect!
    now where's your Khalat?????????

  2. Very, very cool, MA.

  3. they are most definately set aside from the norm! magnificent...k.

  4. Gosh MA that's a lot of work that you have put into this jacket.
    Well done-it is beautiful.

  5. That is one wild jacket! Love it!

  6. Very Nice MA! And your grandkitty is just too cute.

  7. That turned out amazing! Sorry I missed this yesterday...I've been off computer for about a day and a half, and see? I miss all the good stuff!
    Hope the new owner is VERY HAPPY!!!
    great work, seriously.


  8. Wow, what a great jacket! I'll bet it is warm. You did a great job on it MA! I know the owner will love it.

  9. Mary Anne the jacket turned out perfect. I am sure she will love it. I would.

    Arrived home sun. night and will get to my blog maybe tomorrow.

    How is your Dad doing?




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