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Monday, May 03, 2010

Fun and eye candy

First for the fun - I've been following (and lurking, I'm ashamed to admit) on Shawkl's blog and right now she is announcing the opening of her new internet shop (and there are some great things she has on offer, with more to come).  She's carrying a whole new line of threads and silk ribbons from Judith Baker Montano, which I'm coveting and will order once I win that lottery!  Shawkl is also running a fun giveaway and you can get the details and the link to her store here.

Periodically I mention Susan Lenz and her awe-inspiring art.  Her work is absolutely amazing and you HAVE to go and have a look!  Here to see her Windows series.  Just taking a look through her blog is totally mind-blowing.  Oh yes, and she is really generous too because she has a great tutorial here for how she does these pieces!  Her work on her blog is always a treat to see.

Another blogger you absolutely can't miss is Nellie Durand.  She does more with a tiny little scrap of fabric than anyone I've ever seen!  She's currently designing a new installation piece and it is fascinating to watch her design process and I know with absolute certainty that the end result will be spectacular.

I would highly recommend you explore all of these blogs because I know you will enjoy seeing their work.

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