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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Great finds, blog anniversaries and such

There are several interesting things I have to share today!
1.  My friend Yvonne is celebrating her 1st year blog anniversary with a fun giveaway (lots of treasures, including some of her hand made soap which I can say for certain is lovely).  Visit her blog here to get all the details.  (Speaking of blog anniversaries, I will be celebrating one this month too - I will reach 1000 posts and will be having a giveaway too.  Stay tuned for the details on that.)

2.  Vicki of Field Trips in Fiber and Three Creative Studios has posted the links and information on how you can win some more pretty cool stuff.  There's a chance to win on a Block of the Month contest; there's also a Technique of the Month contest (Three Creative Studios posts a free tutorial each month and all you have to do to enter for the contest is to try it out and post your results...that's a win/win in my mind!).  Vicki herself is celebrating her soon-to-be retirement from the corporate world and is having a weekly giveaway of handdyed fabric.  Go here for the info!

3.  Deepa has found a very valuable resource for those of us interested in fabric arts and you can read all about it on her blog entry here.  Costumes, textiles and embroidery galore.

4.  For some great eye candy, have a look here at Diane Savona's art site.  Yum!!

Hope you find something here you will enjoy.


  1. Thanks for posting about my blogoversary giveaaway MA. You too? 1000 posts for you...whoohoo! That's a lot!!! How long hve you been blogging? Also thanks for all the other links. Always enjoy your blog and look forward to your blog giveaway too.

  2. the blue hyancinths are sweet, ours are just at leaf stage. Isn't it nice that we have similar plants but at different stages. i saw a very out of season purple iris yesterday. k.

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog giveaway!

  4. Thanks for visiting and linking back.1000 posts!! oh wow!!

  5. Oh thanks for all the sharing...will check out some of those links...thank you so much for visitimg be...I so appreciate your sweet comments..have a great new week. xo


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