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Friday, May 21, 2010


This flower is some sort of peony - another one of the 'donated' plants we have in our garden.

Today we are going to pick up #2 son and his fiance (they got engaged last weekend!) and also 49 copies of 'THE BOOK'.  At the rate we're going with selling them, they might have to go into a second printing.  Who would have known so many people would be interested?  

Still working on the huge studio re-arrange of 2010.  Next on the agenda is to remove all the books from that shelving unit and move it.  While I'm at it, I'll take a good look at each book and try (key word is 'try' - VERY difficult for a bookaholic!!) to downsize my collection somewhat.  Yah, right.


  1. OH!!! Lucky you---that is a fern leaf peony (I don't think they are in the tree peony family...not sure); they are EXPENSIVE. I always wanted one but figured my soil here would probably do it in, and the ones I really *liked* all were around $30 each.....
    Needless to say, I am happy with my free old fashioned varities! LOL!!!
    It is absolutely lovely... :)


  2. You sound very busy my friend...enjoy the time with your son and new daughter in law to be...congratulations to them. xoxo

  3. isn't that a beautiful peony with it's fern like leaves;
    don't downsize your library, never ever!! k.

  4. Congratulaltions to your son and your almost DIL. Next thing will be grandbabies not of the feline family.
    Thats when the fun begins.

    Congratulations on your book. I thought you were just publishing it for family nd did not realize we have a real live selling author out there. Maybe you should try and get it into the hands of some publishers.
    You never know. I might be saying I knew her when.

    I too saw Robins free download of her first book and went through it today. It is very generous of her. I think I have all but that one.



  5. Congrats on the book doing so well.
    Love the peony, we can't grow them here, but have hibiscus.
    I'm rearranging my studio too. What a chore!


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