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Friday, May 28, 2010

Last art doll.


 Meet Elsepeth who has been on quite an adventure during her travels with the Art Doll Coolaberation.

Someone stole her sweet little poodle Fifi and Elsepeth had to solve the great mystery of WHO did it.  I lucked out and found a Clue game at the thrift store so was able to pilfer some of the playing pieces for use in the journal pages I made.  Above is page one.

Page two.  Found a CSI board game at the thrift store too, so cannibalized some of it too!
Finally the mystery was solved!  It wasn't any of the suspects Elsepeth thought were guilty of stealing Fifi.  Why no - it was the butlers dog Bart!!
AND -  guess what happened?
I have had a total blast working on these dolls and am so sorry to see it end.  The other artists (Gail, Barb, Robyn, Karma, Em, Jeanne and Yvonne) are so creative and have never ceased to amaze me with their talents.  Thank you to each of you!!

Now to wait for my Shudayra to come home!


  1. i just cracked up laughing at this post, you're really the story teller...k.

  2. Thanks for sharing the doll(s) progess...Its been fascinating.

  3. No one else could have come up with a more perfect ending to her journey MA! Great job. I hate to see it end too. But it has been wonderful.

  4. The doll and the story are just too precious! You do have quite the imagination. I love it! -- chuckle!!!

  5. Nice pic of Elspeth, MA. That pocketbook really looks good. And you know I love Bart - that scoundrel!


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