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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The countdown is on!!


These are what we call 'moonflowers', although their name is something else entirely.  They are so much fun to watch opening up.  At about 8:30 at night the buds start to quiver and then they open up a little.  A couple of minutes later they quiver some more and open a little more.  In the space of maybe ten minutes the flower opens entirely.  When the sun hits them the next morning they die off and another crop forms for the next night.  They bloom pretty much all summer long.  You have to be sure to mark them *really* well in the garden or you are bound to haul them out thinking they're dandelions.  Their foliage is very similar.

A couple of things I thought you might like to see...
1.  Cathy of Crazy By Design has a post telling us about replacing the use of dryer sheets with something a lot more nature.  She has made dryer balls using wool yarn.  Go here to read more!

2.  She also has pointed us to the 2010 Purse Contest held by Crazy Quilting International.  Be prepared for some beautiful eye candy.  Go here.  While you're there, you can check out the archives for lots more to see!


  1. That pink flower is beautiful and the little moon flowers are something like ours here, but ours are white and bloom at night only.

  2. These are very pretty little flowers. I'm not sure that I've seen them before. I belive that there's also a climbing vine with the same name? In this case, huge white flowers that open out a night. I think that they're vaguely related to the morning glory.

  3. The blossoms you have photographed look a lot like what we call prarie primroses. Ours bloom during the day, but I wonder if they are on the same genus?
    Mine always look like weeds (and spread as quick) but have more of an oval leaf and a basal leaf clump that stays year round.
    I ♥LOVE♥ that peony photo!!!


  4. i think they are the evening primrose, thanks for the little story about them. now i must rush over to the site you told us about, thanks...k.


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