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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Next step on the jacket - plus amazing lettuce

Here you can see one of the next completed steps on the recycled denim jacket I'm making.  To further the crazy quilted look I like to add clusters of metallic buttons here and there.  Each button is sewn on individually and knotted off using heavy buttonhole thread.  If one button becomes loose then, hopefully, the whole group won't come off.  After I've knotted them well, I put a drop or two of Fray Check on the knots for added insurance.

The lettuce is in our garden and has been in all winter, believe it or not.  The snow and cold didn't affect it at all!  We are constantly amazed by this variety - it doesn't bolt in the heat of the summer and provides us with fresh leaf lettuce right through until late fall by simply cutting it off and letting it re-grow from the roots.  If you're interested, it's called 'Simpson Elite'.  I'm looking forward to my first sandwich of this lettuce, peanut butter and mayo (and don't say euwwww til you've tried it!).


  1. I never even knew there WAS a lettuce that did not bolt! Dad would plant several varieties, they would all come on at once and I would be *lettuced out* after about the second week! LOL!!!
    The jacket close up looks great; from your description I don't think the buttons would come off.
    Nice work!


  2. I have some volunteer lettuce but not anywhere near as big as yours. I'm still waiting for sun here after a cold and rainy week.

  3. Just for the heck of it, I'm trying to post a comment. Lettuce pray!

  4. oh yes, that type of lettuce is good, and i also like peanut butter and lettuce sandwiches, but you may hold the mayo.
    i love metallic buttons too, just couldn't fit any onto my last bjp tho. and thanks for your comment...k.

  5. Euwwww-there I've said it.
    The button cluster looks good.

  6. Well, we did have an exceptionally mild winter for Ontario. Still, it's hard to believe that you can already harvest your lettuce. I guess it's time to plant my balcony pots. No, not veggies, but pretty flowers. LOL! BTW, I love the metallic buttons as well. I have some nice vintage glass and some metal ones, but sorry, they're just for fondling, not for sharing.

  7. The jacket is coming together very nicely Mary Anne. I like the button cluster and you sound as phobic as me. Sew every seam twice. Tie off every thread twice or more. Sew buttons with button thread and always only one.

    We sound like a pair of crazies but never had trouble with clothes falling apart.



  8. Nothing is better than lettuce out of the garden!!!! Yours is amazing. Your jacket is going to be the buttons. xoxo Thanks for visiting me and all your sweet comments. xoxoxo

  9. Wow - that lettuce looks so delicious! Nothing like really good leaf lettuce on a sandwich. Haven't tried it with peanut butter, though. Thanks for the tip on the variety - that sounds perfect for those of us with a not-so-green veggie thumb!


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