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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Art dolls and ATC's

Meet 'Windy', the wonderful little art doll that arrived in my mailbox today from Jeanne of the 3D's art doll group! Jeanne says that this is the first doll she's made with paper mache and I think she's gorgeous. I don't know if Jeanne is aware of my love for denim, but if you enlarge the picture I think you will see that denim played a large part in this wee doll! Unfortunately the photo doesn't show how sparkly she is.

Jeanne also included some atcs for my collection (see the photo below). Again, I don't know if she knew I collected them, but if she didn't, she must have ESP! She also included some pretty lace, which will be added to my stash for future use in my crazy quilting. Thank you Jeanne!!
Yesterday was our CQTeers meeting and we did our usual exchange of atc's. This month the theme was 'fish'. Irene created the one on the upper left, mine is upper right, Kym's is lower left, and Sue's is on the lower right. Our 'program' this time was to learn a little bit about working with polymer clay and we all made some little buttons.


  1. Love your goodies. Paper mache is really versatile and I will have to try it one day. The ATC's are really cool.

  2. Wow, what a haul of ATCs. The doll came early - lucky you. She's darling and I'm jealous.

  3. very windy little number and i can see how sparkly she is. love the stash of atc's and the little fishies. you've had a busy week. |<.


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