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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

YIPES and spring doll swap

Oh my. When I put my pictures into this post they came up as a whole bunch of gobbledygook and no photos! Yipes. It must be the dreaded HTML I hear spoken of with such reverence. Hmmm. Wonder if this is a hiccup from Blogger and it will straighten itself out or did I manage to click on the wrong thing this morning when I was fooling around with the settings? I don't want to know!!

On a brighter note, I did manage to figure out (with lots of help from Anne) how to put the button for the award onto my blog! Thanks Anne!!

As for the pictures (at least I hope they are going to show up as pictures!!)...the bunny is the 'doll' I made for the latest swap on the Decidedly Different Doll Group and the other two pictures are the front & back of the delightful one I received in the swap. If you enlarge it, you can see the the trim is made from little strips of one of my favourite fabrics - denim!!

Now I'm hitting 'publish' and we'll see what happens. Keeping fingers crossed.....1....2.......3.......


  1. I just spent over OHE HOUR trying to get a post loaded for tomorrow.
    Did you see smoke coming from this direction??? BEcause I was saying a whole lot od really BAD WORDS.....
    Blogger is having a bad case of PMS, I think....Get out the HTML--Midol!!!


  2. Oh, what an interesting art doll! I love it!

  3. yes, that is a decidely different doll. i think you've excelled yourself. K.


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