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Monday, April 26, 2010

Hmmmm - and Crazy Quilting

There is something else 'odd' going on  with my blog - now my sidebar picture of the thistles has disappeared.  Hmmm.  Not only that, I know I've uploaded two pictures to this post and only one seems to be on my screen.  Double hmmmm.  Maybe Blogger has a fart crosswise problem.  

Anyway, on to more important news.  The latest issue of CQMagOnline is up for your reading and viewing pleasure.  Check it out here.


  1. I got a distressed e-mail from a friend last evening who said she was going to have to correspond by letter rather than comments on blog; she cannot even log in to Blogger! They are having some mahor issues....I have bot been to my blog I'm almost afraid to GO!!!
    If your background was a third party app (like mine) it could be that there are issues with their site too.......
    I think they need to fix this....NOW. >:[


  2. Pretty primroses! Are they in your garden? As for blogger, I was able to log into my blog, but couldn't make a comment. I kept getting a weird error message. There also seemed to be a problem with some of my Yahoo groups. Couldn't log into the "new pictures". So perhaps the problem is more widespread than blogger. - Anne Marie

  3. Seems lots have had trouble lately with blogger and yahoo too. I'm having no problems...yet anyway.
    Love your flowers!

  4. that's worrying for you MA, i've just checked and mine's ok (for now)- hopefully it's just a downtime. Have a look at Blogger Buzz, they might be able to tell you more there. I just looked and it said they were not supporting FTP anymore - whatever that is? cheers, K.


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