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Friday, April 16, 2010

Room pictures

Here is the finished bedroom (finally!). Unfortunately the paint colour isn't showing 'true' and is looking white in the photos. The wall colour is actually a bit closer to the plain areas on the bedspread.

The poppy picture above the bed is the one we bought for our 30th anniversary (and actually got it over a year ago & have waited til the room was done to hang it). It's a cheap knock-off, but does have the feel and look of an original oil painting.

We still have to find some sort of window covering. The roller shades we've used until now are just not what we want. We have very odd sized widows with two side by each facing the street and one immediately around the corner facing east. There is nowhere to put any sort of curtain rod. We've found a place that will make blinds to order, so we're going to check them out on the weekend to see if they have anything. Otherwise it will be back to plain ol' roller shades.


Kaite said...

you must be pleased with the end result, (almost) worth all the disruption. |<.

FredaB said...

Very nice and I love the poppy painting. I cannot grow them due to lack of sun and I just love them.

Great minds think alike.



Doreen G said...

Wow MA what a transformation.
It is beautiful--so relaxing and so different.
I think white pull up and down blinds would look great with some sheer or lace curtains--they wouldn't take up much room.
I reckon you should get some peaceful sleeps in this room.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Your bedroom is looking very lovely! Congratulations on finishing! However, it reminds me that I should be renovating mine as well. Perhaps it's time to make a new quilt for my bed.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Come by my blog tomorrow....have something for you!!! :)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey M.A.

I am glad to have given you an award.....I remember my first; it set me on this blogging path.
I hope that it does the same for you, even more than already!
You are a delight to know and the rest of the blogging world needs to hear your voice too!


Yvonne said...

What a lovely room. Any visitor would never want to leave....uh oh! :)